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Welcome to the Weird Page

They say that repressed rage is a bad thing. Does this guy love school or hate it? I know that this would get you to school faster, but I can't help thinking that he would rather drive it through the principal's office.

Just can't get enough traction with your Hummer? Not enough lift on your 4x4? Well, come on down and convert to tracked vehicle driving. This refugee from the Monster Garage was in the Ford area and shows a great deal of thought and effort. I guess there are all kinds of extreme machines.

V-dubs don't get it for you any more? Porsche motors just too damn slow? This is the result of a pissing match to see who has the bigger shoehorn. We have a winner! Eight water-cooled cylinders of Cadillac Northstar power in a dune buggy has got to make a wild ride. How do you stop the wheelies?

This doesn't exactly qualify as weird, but... Not everyone is in love with the bodywork of the Toyota MR-S (the Japanese appear to be unaware of what that spells for an alleged guy car). Kaminari, the body kiy people, thought that they could do better than the highly educated and paid Toyota designers and damned if they weren't right. That is, if you like a kind of Porsche 959 meets Neon look. It works for me.

The name Delahaye doesn't mean much if you're not of Social Security age. Delahaye built cars and trucks in France from 1894 to 1951. Breakthrough design was the main contribution of the marque and surviving examples can be worth more than a million dollars. This particular car still looks innovative fifty years later. If I recall correctly, this is a '37 or '38 model. Like many specialty cars of the era, it was constructed on a Delahaye chassis, but the bodywork was provided by the aftermarket. Kind of a Depression Kaminari deal.

To end on a half note, I guess that half a car is better than none. And two halves are better than?

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