JC & Dennis travel to Japan and China

San Francisco from the United 747-400

When I lived in Marin County, I used to stand on the hill overlooking the Golden Gate and watch the planes bank left as they headed out to sea from SFO. I knew that the people on the plane where going to adventures I could only dream of. Until now...

Thank you United for cutting fares to the bone so we could afford to do this. We got the good seats near the back where the fuselage narrows and the seats go from 3-wide to 2-wide, but there's room for 2, so we stretched out. They feed you five(5) times on the 11 hour flight and show 3 movies. Somehow, I just didn't get jet-lagged, although I slept very little.

Five Different Tours (Click on the pic) (Note:Still Under Construction)

Tokyo City Tour (only 2 pages at this time)

Follow us on our quest to decipher the Tokyo street number system.

Tokyo Auto Salon (Only 1 page so far)

The Tokyo Auto Salon is a phenomenal production - huge halls, exotic cars and Car Show Girls!

Ladies of the Tokyo Auto Salon (Complete!)

And you think that Japan is a conservative country...

Beijing City Tour (One page...)

Beijing - the ancient and the modern, usually side-by-side.

Behold the Great Wall of China (One page so far)

Watch Anglo-Saxon invaders do battle with the Mongol hordes (for a small fee).

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