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Call it senility, but I honestly don't recall if there were any issues before No.5. If anyone has issues not included here, please scan or send to me. Large files are OK.
Why did we print (mimeo) No.5 in light blue when we knew that it wouldn't scan well in 30 years? The rest are black & white. All files are very large, so be patient if you have dial-up.

Vol.3 No.5 - April 24, 1972 - Administration's "Student" Constitution Killed 273-75!

Vol.3 No.6 - April 31, 1972 - Hog Belly Futures Drop 30 Points!!!

Vol.3 No.7 - Tomorrow, 1972 - DGN Teacher Hit With Porno Rap - Pleads Insanity!!!

Vol.3 No.8 - May 8, 1972 - APF to Hold Car Wash!!

Vol.3 No.9 - May 20, 1972 - CON CON - A Political Holocaust (plus Ann Slanders)

Vol.3 No.10 - Yesterday, 1972 - DGN Students See Police Nab Trio at Gunpoint

Vol.3 No.11 - Missing

Vol.3 No.12 - May, 1972 - Registration Registers Registrants

Poster - What Kind of Man Reads APF?